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Natural Home Remedies For Scabies


Scabies is a type of skin infection that is caused by mites and it is usually seen in areas between the fingers and toes, around the wrist, armpits, folds of the elbows, beltline, abdomen, buttocks, nipples, groin and genitalia. Babies and small children can also get it on the soles of the feet, scalp and on their face.

This infection is contagious and it can spread from one individual to another, however there are certain home remedies for scabies that can be used to treat it.

In addition, people who live with an infected person need to get treated immediately in order to avoid infection, preferable all in the same time to prevent re-infestation.

Below there are several home remedies for scabies that were proven to be effective:

Neem oil

This oil is used in Ayurveda and it is considered to be one of the home remedies for scabies for centuries now. It is mostly effective for stopping the breeding of parasites inside the skin and it heals lesions that are generally caused by scratching and also preventing it by soothing the itching sensation.

In order to use this as a treatment add several teaspoons of oil along with some neem leaf tincture in the bathtub and afterwards soak your body in it for around 15 minutes. After your bath make sure that you apply neem soap along with a neem lotion for maximum effects.

This is one of the home remedies for scabies that usually takes some time until it offers complete results, however it will offer an immediate relief from that annoying itching sensation.



This is also considered to be one of the various home remedies for scabies and it is used in certain skin ailments. This should be applied along with coconut oil on the infected area for relief.

Sulphur mixed with ghee

This particular mix is also considered to be among the home remedies for scabies. Sulphur mixed with ghee should be heated on a low flame until the sulphur is almost burned. Afterwards it should be removed from the heat and let it cool off for a couple of minutes then applied on the affected area once or twice a day in order to get rid of scabies.

Another good option that is also considered to be among these natural home remedies for scabies is the juice that is extracted directly from the fresh leaves of mint. All that you have to do is apply the extracted mint juice on the affected area in order to get relief.

Also, keep in mind that bugs and mites live in our surrounding environment therefore it is important to properly clean cloths, pillows and bed sheets with an antibacterial detergent on a regular basis in order to avoid infection.

Of course there are several home remedies for scabies that we can use and most of these are easy to find but why not try to avoid infection instead?

Make sure that you adopt a strict hygiene along with regular house cleaning and you will be guaranteed to live a healthy life.

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